TUSCANY the origin of the vespa trip

The Vespa Trip route in Tuscany will guide you to some of the most world known Tuscan cities and will let you enjoy the famous vineyard views along the way.


The first Vespa Trip in 2015 was organized in Tuscany. Of course, with a very valid reason. From the moment you'll leave a city, you'll find yourself in the middle of the beautiful landscapes Italy has to offer you. In this region, a boring road is exceptional.

Every village or city you'll see is a beauty. Some of them are hidden pearls, others are known around the globe. Each day, we'll take you through a different landscape. From the stretched farm lands around Pisa, via the hills of the Chianti region and the mountainous area around Lucca to medieval cities like Siena and Florence.

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Picture of the Vespa Trip in Giro
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Giro
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Giro
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Giro

The schedule

Discover the routes

The routes

Our Giro Classico starts and ends in Pisa, the trips are always between 70 and 120 km. On a daily basis you can choose to drive the routes on your own (using road book & gps), or you can follow our guide to drive completely carefree. Choose a route to see more information.

Giro route Etappe #1 PISA - SIENA
Giro route Etappe #2 SIENA - FLORENCE
Giro route Etappe #3 FLORENCE - LUCCA
Giro route Etappe #4 LUCCA - PISA
Giro map Giro map Giro map Giro map Giro map

Your hotels

The hotels

We've selected hotels for you that, because of their location, are the perfect stops during your road trip in Tuscany.

Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Giro
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Giro
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Giro
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Giro
la pace
palazzo dei priori
plus florence

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Pricing & availability

The Vespa Trip explained

Your own Vespa

Throughout your trip you will get your own Vespa! On your arrival day the paperwork will be taken care of and on Tuesday morning you will get your keys. If you booked the Start-To-Vespa lessons, you will receive them on Monday. On Friday you return to Pisa and it's time to goodbye to your beloved Vespa.

Driver's licence

You need a driver’s license for a normal car (B) or a motorcycle driver’s license (A). The license AM is not accepted. You need to be 18 to drive the Vespa's, but minors can of course join as a passenger. If you're a European citizen, your national DL is sufficient, but if you're from outside the EU, you'll need an international one.


Never driven a Vespa before? Don't worry! On your arrival day, you can opt to have a Start-To-Vespa course (+ €50 per person). Our guide will explain you the tips and tricks of driving a Vespa and you'll make together a calm test drive the day before you'll actually take off.


If you prefer to drive The Vespa Trip on your own pace without following our guide Mario, you can reserve a GPS that will be mounted on your Vespa. You can get your GPS when you receive your Vespa and it costs €40.


Every morning you can enjoy an included breakfast. For lunch, we daily recommend you the best spots in the places we stop. For dinner, you'll be invited to join your fellow Vespa trippers or you can ask your guides for good restaurants around.


Our very muscular Luigi will take care of your luggage. Every morning, he'll put all your suitcases in our van to drive them to the next hotel.


All hotels are mentioned on the itinerary. Usually we sleep in nice 3* and 4* hotels with an occasional pool.
Yes, that's possible. However, there is a single driver supplement of €120 per Vespa driven alone. If you sleep alone in the room, there's a supplement of €250.
The choice is completely up to you! You can choose to follow our guide or make your own adventure with the GPS you can rent for €40.

The best way to get to Pisa is to fly to the International Airport of Pisa Galileo Galilei. The hotel is only 20 minutes walk from the airport. Another option is to take a bus (only €3pp) or a taxi to the hotel (around €20). You can always drive there and park your car on the secured parking space next to the hotel (approximately €90).

We recommend the following flights, so you can fully enjoy your first day in Pisa:

From Brussels:

From Amsterdam


From Paris:

  • Arrival: EasyJet flight U2 4213
  • Departure: EasyJet flight U2 4216

From Munich

  • Arrival: Air Dolomiti flight EN 8292
  • Departure: Air Dolomiti flight EN 8291

Prices currently vary between €80 and €200, but the closer you get to the season, the more they will rise.

You will be welcome on Monday in the hotel from 15 PM till midnight where somebody from the Vespa Trip will arrange the administration and give you the road book. You will have the time to relax and discover the city. The first night, you'll be invited to have a drink with the other Vespa Trippers. Your Vespa Trip will start on Tuesday.

The adventure comes to its end on Friday evening. You spend one last night in Pisa before you go back home.


You are automatically insured for all damage to third parties.

We offer an omnium damage insurance, where there is no excess. The price for this insurance is € 89 per Vespa. No deposit is required. If you do not wish to take out this insurance, a deposit of €500 per Vespa is demanded.

Cancellation insurance

The cancellation insurance (€ 49 p.p.) gives you the opportunity to book without worries. With this insurance you can change or cancel your trip without reason and free of charge up to 30 days before departure. In the latter case, you will receive a full refund (minus the cost of the insurance). You can still cancel within the last month before departure but only with a valid reason. These are described in our cancellation conditions.

Travel assistance insurance

We also offer a travel insurance (€39 p.p.) which protects you in case of an accident during your trip.

The average age of The Vespa Tripper in 2019 was 34,6 years old, but the biggest age group are the twenty-somethings (50%). The other 50% is a wide range of ages between 30 and 75 years young. Needless to say, all Vespa Trippers share the same love for Italy, its gastronomy and its dolce-far-niente culture. Last edition, people came from more than 50 nationalities, most of them came from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany & the UK.

Most people travel in a party of 2 to 4 persons: a mix of couples & friends. 16% were solo travelers. If you’d like to travel solo, send us a message and we’ll squeeze you in a week where there’s a lot of other solo travelers.

If you've never driven a Vespa nor scooter before, we strongly advise you to book our Start-To-Vespa course (+ €50 per Vespa). Our guide will teach you how to handle your Vespa and give you some tips. Together, you'll make a test round until you feel comfortable enough. We highly recommend to take these lessons for the unexperienced!

Every evening, our guide gives you recommendations about the best restaurants. Either you join the other Vespa Trippers on a group dinner or you pick your own place to have your dinner. That's completely up to you!

The Vespa trip contains the following:

  • Five nights in four different hotels (breakfast included)
  • The rental of your amazing Vespa, helmets and a lock
  • A road book
  • The care of our Vespa Trip Guides
  • The transport of your luggage
  • Probably the experience of a lifetime

The fuel for your Vespa (around €30 for the whole week), lunch and dinner are not included.

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Available dates and pricing

Discover all dates and availabities for The Vespa Trip Tuscany here:

Registrations open November 7th 2020. By preregistrating, you secure your spot, you'll get an email when registrations open and you get a 24-hour head start to register.


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