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Driving The Vespa

Do I need a driving license in order to drive the Vespa?

Yes! Our Vespas are 125cc in Tuscany, Amalfi and Puglia. To be able to drive them in Italy, you need a car driving license (B) or a motorbike driving license (A). The AM licence is not sufficient. In Provence, you will drive a 50cc Vespa, there you need either a car driving license (B), a motorbike driving license (A) or the AM licence.

You must have a European driving licence. If you don’t have one, you are obliged to have an international driving licence, which you can apply for in your country.

Do I need to have driving experience with a Vespa or scooter in order to drive the Vespa?

If you’ve never driven a Vespa or scooter before or if you are very inexperienced/unsure, we strongly recommend to book the Start-to-Vespa lesson. On your arrival day you’ll get an initiation of Vespa driving from the guide and you will make a test ride together. So you’ll be ready to start your Vespa trip the next day! This lesson costs € 50 per person.

Can I drive the Vespa solo?

Yes! It’s possible, but there is a supplement of €120 per single driver, because the Vespa Trip prices are calculated with the assumption that the Vespa is shared between 2 people.

Do we drive individually or in group?

The choice is yours! You get a road book at the beginning of the week with the stops and interesting facts listed. If you prefer to ride solo, you can book the GPS in which all routes are loaded. This way you’ll easily pass the most beautiful tracks and most interesting stops.

Do you prefer to follow the guide? Great! Follow the group and let them lead you along the routes while you enjoy the views along the way even more.

Is the Vespa insured?

You are automatically insured for damage to third parties with your Vespa.

For damage to your own Vespa you have two choices. Either you choose the omnium insurance (€ 89 per Vespa), where the own risk is € 0. If you don’t want this insurance, a deposit of € 500 is required for which you are liable.

Am I insured while I am driving?

In the event of an accident with your Vespa, you are automatically insured for the damage caused to third parties. However, any damage you might have suffered yourself, does not fall under this insurance. This is usually covered by your own travel or medical insurance. Don’t have this? Then you can book a travel insurance through Travelbase. Feel free to ask!

Damage to your own Vespa is insured if you choose the omnium damage insurance.

Can I book the Vespa earlier or keep it for longer?

In Amalfi, Provence and Puglia you will have your own Vespa at your disposal. You receive it the morning after your arrival day and you bring it back on the last Vespa day in the evening.

If you want to receive the keys of the Vespa a bit earlier, or want to keep it a bit longer, you can choose for the ‘Early Pick-Up’ and/or ‘Late Drop-Off’. So the Vespa is yours from 2pm on your arrival day and/or you can return it at 2pm on your departure day. Per option chosen you pay a supplement of € 50 per Vespa.

In Tuscany you can pick up your Vespa at the Vespa rental on Tuesday morning and you bring it back on Friday evening. Unfortunately it is not possible to rent the Vespa earlier or keep it longer.


In which hotel will we be staying?

In Amalfi you’ll be staying in the four star hotel O Sole Mio, in Sant’Agata, very close to Sorrento. Take a look here for more info.

In Provence you’ll be staying in the three star hotel Le Petit Manoit, in Les Anges, very close to Avignon. Take a look here for more info.

In Puglia you’ll be staying in Masseria don Sante, a typical Apulian country house close to Fasano. Take a look here for more info.

In Tuscany you’ll be staying in a different hotel and in a different city every night. You can find the full list of the hotels on the Tuscany page.

What about our luggage?

In Amalfi, Provence and Puglia you will be staying in the same hotel, so your luggage can stay there.

In Tuscany your luggage will be brought from one hotel to the next by our guides.

At what time can we check in to our hotel?

Check-ins are at 3PM. No worries if you arrive earlier, because then you can leave your luggage at the reception until your room is ready.

At what time is breakfast & the check-out?

This depends on the hotel. Your guides will inform you upon arrival.

Can I book an extra night with The Vespa Trip?

Unfortunately we can’t book extra nights for you. However, you can contact the hotel yourself through the contact details you’ll find online, or you can send us a message about this!

Don’t forget to mention whether you’ve booked an extra night prior to The Vespa Trip or afterwards, so that the hotel can make sure you keep the same room.

Can I park my car at the hotel?

The hotels in Amalfi, Provence and Puglia have a large, free car park where you can leave your car. You don’t need to book this in advance.

in Tuscany you can park your car in a guarded car park close to the hotel in Pisa. This costs around €90 in total for Monday through Saturday. You don’t need to book this in advance.

Is dinner included? Is it half pension?

Breakfast is included, dinner isn’t. The guides will propose some nice restaurants daily. They will also ask if you want to join them for dinner with the other Vespa trippers. You can join them or go on your own dinner adventure.

Payments & Cancellations

Do I have to pay upon my registration?

We ask for a 30% deposit within 5 days after your registration. The remaining amount should be paid at the latest 30 days before departure.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can pay for your trip by bank transfer, bancontact, iDeal or credit card. If you have a Travelbase voucher, you can also use it.

How can I cancel my trip?

The only way to cancel your trip is by emailing to, so we can discuss the matter. We’ll reply as soon as possible!

Can I get a refund if I cancel my trip?

When you register, you can choose to book a cancellation insurance. Once your booking is completed, it’s no longer possible to adjust this. You can find the terms & conditions here.

Give back to nature with Greentripper

This planet gives us so much natural beauty to admire, but to preserve these beautiful places, we have to protect our climate today. That’s why we’re doing efforts to reduce the impact of our trips, and added an option in our booking forms to make a contribution to Greentripper, to balance out the CO2-emissions of your trip. By contributing to their climate project “Wildlife Cambodia”, you help to protect majestic forests and the wildlife in it, and reduce the equivalent amount of CO2-emissions of your transport. When you contribute for the footprint of your transport, Travelbase will do the same for your emissions on location. After the trip, you’ll receive official carbon credit certificates for your contribution.

Read more about our efforts on


How can I become guide for The Vespa Trip?

If you want to guide our groups in Italy or France this Summer, you can send us an email on

What language do the guides speak?

The guides can help you in English, Dutch, German and French.

What can I expect from the guides during The Vespa Trip?

The guides are stand-by 24/24 to answer your questions. One week before your trip, you will receive their personal phone numbers, and you’ll be asked to join a WhatsApp group.

Target Audience

What is the target audience?

The average age of The Vespa Tripper in 2023 was 40 years, of which the majority were in their twenties. All Vespa Trippers, young or old, share the same love for the beautiful Italy and adventure. During the last edition, the participants mainly came from Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

Generally, people join this adventure in a group of 2 or 4 people: a mix of friends and couples.

Can children join The Vespa Trip?

Although the target audience for the Vespa Trip is not children, we do have a few children who join the group each year.

It should be taken into account that the trip is not specifically organised for children/families, and that the guides on site unfortunately do not have the time to deal with them in their schedule.

During the day you can just ride with the group, it’s easy and fun! In the evening, the guides always offer to go out for a meal and a drink with the group. Here, of course, you choose whether you want to join them or not.

Also remember that the distances can be quite long, that children will be sitting in the back all the time and that not all Vespa’s are equipped with an upper backrest/trunk to lean against.

Most important they need to be at least 1m25 to be able to reach the supports of the Vespa. Otherwise they cannot join the trip!

Can I bring my dog on The Vespa Trip?

Alas, dogs are not allowed in The Vespa Trip due to the strict measures in the hotels. Sadly, you will need to leave your loyal friend at home.

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