Amalfi coast The most beautiful coast of Italy

The Amalfi Coast is famous for some of its most breathtaking views in the world, stunning clear blue waters and impressive cliffs at the sea side.


The region around the Amalfi Coast is world renowned for the kilometers of numerous breathtaking views you can gaze upon. Extremely high cliffs, endless blue water and spectacularly windy roads.

Besides this exhilirating scenery you can also find Mount Vesuvius and the historic city of Pompei in the same area. In the mostly uncharted countryside you will find a beautiful and secluded national park.


Picture of the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Amalfi



Next to our three main routes, you'll also find some extra ones on your GPS. If, on the spot, you would like to go somewhere completely different, you can always ask the guides for tips and recommendations.


In the first stage (75 km) you discover the Northern coastline of the Amalfi Coast, you climb the Vesuvius and you can visit the ancient village of Pompei.


In this second track (65 km) you'll discover the pearls at the Southern coast of the peninsula: Amalfi, Ravello and of course, Positano. This road has been awarded "Most beautiful road in Europe" multiple times.


For this route you'll drive land inwards into the hills of the Amalfi region. You'll reach Monte Faito and Bagni Giovanna, both offering you fantastic views of the area.

Amalfi map Amalfi map Amalfi map Amalfi map
Tuscany Part #1 POMPEI TRAIL
Tuscany Part #2 POSITANO COAST
Amalfi route Part #3 VILLAGIO MONTE FAITO



The four star hotel O Sole Mio **** is situated in the hills of the Amalfi region around Sorrento. Because of her central position, she's the perfect basecamp for your trips. The hotel offers a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, a lobby with bar, a refreshing pool, comfortable rooms and a spacious parking lot.

Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Amalfi
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Amalfi





your own vespa

You get your own Vespa during the entire trip. You will receive it on the day of arrival at 5 p.m. and return it on the last day at 12 p.m. in the afternoon. If you want to receive the keys of the Vespa a little earlier or keep hold of it for a bit longer, you can choose the "Early pickup" and / or "Late drop-off" . For example, the Vespa is yours the first day from 12 p.m. and you can return it at 7 p.m. the last day.

Driver's licence

You will need a driver’s license for a normal car (B) or a motorcycle license (A). The license AM is not accepted. You need to be 18 to drive the Vespa's, but minors can always join as passengers. If you're a European citizen, your national license is sufficient, but if you're from outside the EU, you will need an international one.


Never driven a Vespa before? Not a problem! We offer the option to arrive early in the day (preferably before noon) and take a Start-to-Vespa course (+50€ per Vespa). Our guide will explain you the tips and tricks of driving a Vespa and make a calm test drive the day before the trip actually starts.


With the keys of your Vespa you'll also receive a GPS, mounted on your scooter, where you can see all the tracks of this trip. If you don't follow our guide, Mario, you can go on your own adventure without getting lost.


Daily breakfast is included. We recommend restaurants for lunch and dinner on a daily basis. The hotel also offers light lunch and amazing dinners. In our basecamp, Sant'Agata, you will encounter some of the best restaurants in the region and you can also check out the local pubs for some after dinner entertainment.


For your arrival and departure day you're invited to hop on our transfer bus to get to the airport or the hotel. The shuttle will go twice a day (before noon and in the later afternoon).


Yes, that's possible. However, there is a single driver supplement of €120 per person. If you sleep alone in the room, there's a supplement of €250.
Both are possible, so you decide! With our road book and GPS you should be able to drive the journey independently. However, you can also opt to follow our front Vespa driver, who knows the entire area like the back of his hand.
The best way to get to the Amalfi Coast is to fly to Naples International Airport and take our shuttle service to the hotel. Another option is to take the train to Sorrento and the bus from there (around €15 in total) or take a taxi to the hotel (around €120). You can also drive there and park your car at the hotel parking space.
The first day you'll arrive at the hotel and arrange the administrative check-in (from 2 p.m. onwards). You will then receive the keys to your Vespa, your road book, the GPS and you can already go for a first round to get a feel for your Vespa. The next three days, our guide will show you all around the Amalfi Coast or you can go and discover the area by yourself. On the 5th and final day, you can take your Vespa for a last drive before handing back the keys.


You are automatically insured for all damages to third parties. You will be asked to block an amount on your credit card to insure any damage to your own Vespa. You will be able to choose between different insurance policies after your registration.


We recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance, it doesn't cost much and it can potentially save you a lot of money.

If you can no longer participate, but you can find a replacement, you must send all the necessary information no later than 7 days before the departure date so that we can change the reservation free of charge.

If you take out a cancellation insurance and you apply to the conditions, you will be reimbursed for your trip (with the exception of the cancellation insurance costs).

If you have not taken out a cancellation insurance and you wish to cancel your trip, you will receive a maximum of 50% of the total amount in case you let us know more than 4 weeks before your departure date, 25% if you contact us 2-4 weeks before your departure and 0% if you let us know less than 2 weeks before the departure date.

Travel Insurance

We also offer travel insurance that helps you in the event of an accident on the spot.

If you have never driven a Vespa we strongly recommend you to book a 'Start-to-Vespa' course. The first day, your guide will give you a practical explanation and you will be able to make a test ride. This will cost an additional €50.
We recommend the best Italian restaurants in the evening. You can choose to opt in and have dinner with the other Vespa trippers or pick your own place to have dinner. It's completely up to you.
Five days and four nights at our four star hotel, breakfast, the rental of your amazing Vespa per 2, helmets and a lock, a GPS with the uploaded routes, a road book, the care of our Vespa Trip Guides and the experience of a lifetime. The fuel for your Vespa (around €20) is not included.

Other questions, check our FAQ!



Atmosphere picture Amalfi
Atmosphere picture Amalfi
Atmosphere picture Amalfi
Atmosphere picture Amalfi
Atmosphere picture Amalfi
Atmosphere picture Amalfi


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