The Vespa Trip

The Vespa Trip through Tuscany will guide you to some of the most famous cities of Italy while passing by the well-known and spectacular vineyard sceneries along the road. Tuscany is the home region of the Vespa and even The Vespa Trip and you will easily experience why.

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The first Vespa Trip in 2015 was organized in Tuscany and that happened for a reason. From the moment you leave town, you will be confronted with breathtaking sceneries and winding roads. There is almost no boring road in this region and every city along the road is a gem. Some of them kept secret and some of them world famous.

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The route

There are two departure points in Tuscany. Pisa or Florence. Both Trips do exactly the same route.

You’ll immediately have the chance to leave the busy Italian streets and cruise through the famous winding little roads of Tuscany towards our next destinations.

Important landmarks on the Route are the cities of San Gimignano, Siena, Firenze, Vinci, Lucca, Pisa and the awe-inspiring remoted village of Montefegatesi on top of the hills.You'll be able to cross some of the world’s most impressive vineyards and follow the beautiful Lima river.

After one week you will probably return to the your departure point Pisa or Firenze

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It's the journey, not the destination


The schedule

Day 1

Pisa 0 km

arrival + picking your Vespa + discovering the departure city

Hotel La Pace ***

Day 2

Pisa - Siena 130 km

Vespa Museum in Pontedera - visit of San Gimigniano

Palazzo dei Priori ****

Day 3

Siena - Firenze 85 km

Castello di Broglio - Chianti vineyards - Greve in Chianti

Plus Hotel Firenze ***

Day 4

Firenze - Lucca 95 km

Hills of Fiesole - Lago Certane - Wine tasting in Vinci

Hotel Napoleon ****

Day 5

Lucca - Montefegatesi - Lucca 78 km

Bagni di Lucca - Montefegatesi - swimming on a hidden spot in the Lima river

La Pace Hotel ***

Day 6

Lucca - Pisa 59 km

Marina di Vecchiano - afternoon at the beach

Hotel La Pace ***

Day 7

Pisa 0 km

Breakfast at the hotel - End of Vespa Trip

The hotels

Some pictures of the hotels

Plus Hotel Firenze
Napoleon Hotel Lucca
Palazzo dei Priori

Available dates and rates

You can do The Vespa Trip Tuscany from may to september, self-guided or with our experienced guides. The arrival day is always on mondays (DAY 1). The trip starts on tuesday morning (DAY 2). 6 hotel nights are included.

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The Vespa Trip Tuscany, Pisa Departure

The Vespa Trip Tuscany, Florence Departure

It's the journey, not the destination


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