Sicily No other island in the world speaks more to the imagination

Je hebt Italië niet gezien als je nog niet in Sicilië bent geweest. Op dit prachtige eiland, gevormd door de zee en de mafia, ontdek je nog de échte authentieke Italiaanse sfeer van weleer.

Benvenuto in Sicilia

Thanks to its rich history, endless sunny days, extremely friendly inhabitants and an atmosphere that makes you feel as if time has stood still for several decades, Sicily is the dream destination for many travelers.

The best way of exploring this beautiful island is on a Vespa. This way, you'll discover all the We feel that the best way to beautiful secrets this island has to offer.

The Vespa Trip will take you through West Sicily where you will find the most beautiful nature, beaches and the most important city (Palermo). As a base we chose Castellamare Del Golfo , a fishing village situated on a beautiful bay that, because of its central location, is the perfect starting point for the mapped routes.

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Picture of the Vespa Trip in Sicily
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Sicily
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Sicily
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Sicily

The schedule

Discover the routes

The routes

In Sicily we offer you a central base (Castellamare Del Golfo), from where you can explore three completely different daily trips . You can choose to discover these routes on your own (using our road book & GPS), or follow the guide. We also planned two shorter routes that you can discover on your arrival or departure day.


This track (120 km) brings you to the salt fields of Marsala and the Greek temples of Segesta.


You'll discover the northern coast and the natural park of "Lo Zingaro",and the rock city from the Middle Ages: Erice. (100 km)


This track (148 km) takes you land inwards to the hills of Sicily. You'll find Santa Ninfa and Corleone on your way.

Sicily map Sicily map Sicily map Sicily map
Tuscany Etappe #1 MARSALA
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Tuscany Etappe #2 LO ZINGARO
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Amalfi route Etappe #3 CORLEONE
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Your hotels

The hotel

The four star hotel Cetarium **** is situated near the beautiful bay of Castellamare del Golfo. Because of the central position, its the perfect basecamp for your trips. The hotel offers a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, a lobby with bar, comfortable rooms and the perfect opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Sicily
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Sicily
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Sicily
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Sicily

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Pricing & availability

The Vespa Trip explained

Your own Vespa

You'll get your own Vespa throughout the whole trip. The morning after your arrival you will have your Vespa at your disposal from 8 am and you will hand it over the third and last Vespa day in the evening. If you want to receive the keys of the Vespa a bit earlier or want to keep them a bit longer you can choose for the "Early pickup" and/or "Late drop-off". This way the Vespa will be yours from 14h on your arrival day and you can return it at 14h on your departure day.

Driver's licence

You need a driver’s license for a normal car (B) or a motorcycle driver’s license (A). The license AM is not accepted. You need to be 18 to drive the Vespa's, but minors can of course join as a passenger. If you're a European citizen, your national DL is sufficient, but if you're from outside the EU, you'll need an international one.


Never driven a Vespa before? Don't worry! On your arrival day, you can opt to have a Start-To-Vespa course (+ €50 per person). Our guide will explain you the tips and tricks of driving a Vespa and you'll make together a calm test drive the day before you'll actually take off.


If you prefer to drive The Vespa Trip on your own pace without following our guide Mario, you can reserve a GPS that will be mounted on your Vespa. You can get your GPS when you receive your Vespa and it costs €30.


Daily breakfast is included. We also recommend some of our favourite restaurants for a delicious lunch or dinner. The hotel offers light lunches and cosy dinners. Our home base, Castellamare del Golfo, houses some of the best restaurants in the region and you will also find some great pubs where you can enjoy a drink after dinner.


Every arrival and departure day, if you take our recommended flights (found at the FAQ's below), you're invited to hop on our transfer bus to get to the airport or the hotel.


Yes, that's possible. However, there is a single driver supplement of €120 per Vespa driven alone. If you sleep alone in the room, there's a supplement of €250.
Both are possible, so you decide! With our road book and GPS you should be able to drive the journey independently. However, you can also opt to follow our front Vespa driver, who knows the entire area like the back of his hand.

The best way to get to Sicily is to fly to Palermo International Airport. If you take our recommended flights, our Vespa Trip transfer bus will await you at the airport:

From Brussels:

  • Arrival: Alitalia flight AZ 151 & AZ 1765
  • Departure: Alitalia flight AZ 1764 & AZ 154

From Amsterdam:

  • Arrival: Alitalia flight AZ 119 & AZ 1763
  • Departure: Alitalia flight AZ 1764 & AZ 112

From Paris

  • Arrival on Fridays and Sundays: Transavia flight TO 3812
  • Arrival on other days: Transavia flight TO 3810
  • Departure on Fridays and Sundays: Transavia flight TO 3813
  • Departure on other days: Transavia flight TO 3811

From München

  • Arrival: Lufthansa flight LH1914
  • Departure: Lufthansa flight LH1915

Flight prices vary from € 90 to € 240 at the moment, but the closer to the season, the higher the prices will get.

The first day you arrive to the hotel and you will arrange the administrative check-in. You can check-in from 2 pm onwards. If you took the early pick-up, you'll receive the keys to your Vespa, your road book, the GPS and you can already go for a short first drive to get to know your Vespa. The next three days, our guide will show you all around the Sicilian coast or you can go and discover things by yourself. On the 5th and final day, if you chose the late drop-off, you can go for a last drive before you return the keys.

The average age of The Vespa Tripper in 2019 was 34,6 years old, but the biggest age group are the twenty-somethings (50%). The other 50% is a wide range of ages between 30 and 75 years young. Needless to say, all Vespa Trippers share the same love for Italy, its gastronomy and its dolce-far-niente culture. Last edition, people came from more than 50 nationalities, most of them came from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany & the UK.

Most people travel in a party of 2 to 4 persons: a mix of couples & friends. 16% were solo travelers. If you’d like to travel solo, send us a message and we’ll squeeze you in a week where there’s a lot of other solo travelers.

Damage Insurance

You are automatically insured for 3rd party damage. You will be asked to block a fee on your credit card upon arrival as an insurance against damage on your own Vespa. You'll be able to choose this insurance after registration.

Cancellation Insurance

If you book your trip between 6th and 20th November, we'll give you a free superflex cancellation insurance (worth €79). This insurance allows you to cancel your trip without reason nor costs until the 2nd April. From that moment, you will be able to upgrade the insurance to last longer.

You can no longer participate after 1st April, you cannot find a replacement, but luckily you chose to upgrade the cancellation insurance when registering? Great, you get a reimbursement of your entire registration fee (minus the cost of the insurance itself) as long as you have got a valid reason. You can find more information on this cancellation insurance here.

Travel insured

The insurance is often a small additional fee, but can save you a lot of bigger costs, which is why we advise our participants to take out the insurance. Of course, you better check with your health service provider to find out whether you are already insured abroad.

If you've never driven a Vespa nor scooter before, we strongly advise you to book our Start-To-Vespa course (+ €50 per Vespa). Our guide will teach you how to handle your Vespa and give you some tips. Together, you'll make a test round until you feel comfortable enough. We highly recommend to take these lessons for the unexperienced!

We recommend the best Italian restaurants in the evening. You can choose to opt in and have dinner with the other Vespa trippers or pick your own place to have dinner. It's completely up to you.

The Vespa trip contains the following:

  • Four nights at our four stars hotel (breakfast included)
  • The rental of your amazing Vespa, helmets and a lock
  • A road book
  • The care of our Vespa Trip Guides
  • Probably the experience of a lifetime

The fuel for your Vespa (around €30 for the whole week), lunch and dinner are not included.

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Available dates and pricing

Discover all dates and availabilities for The Vespa Trip Sicily here:

Registrations open November 7th 2020. By preregistrating, you secure your spot, you'll get an email when registrations open and you get a 24-hour head start to register.

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