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The Vespa Trip route in Bali will take you to the must sees on the island. You’ll drive around the pearl of the Coral Triangle, discovering all its beauty along the way.


This island is known around the globe for its authenticity, beaches and rice fields as far as the eye can see. It's the ideal place to enjoy a unique adventure on a Vespa!.

Explore iconic places like Ubud, Uluwatu and more. Enjoy the freedom of escaping the crowded places and get closer to the culture of the Island of the Gods.


Picture of the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of the Vespa Trip in Bali



Our proposed routes are specially designed by our Vespa Trip Bali guides on location. Of course, you stay the king of your Vespa and you're free to go your own way.

Bali route Canggu - Ubud
Bali route Ubud - Amed
Bali route Amed - Lovina
Bali route Lovina - Pulukan
Bali route Pulukan - Canggu
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The hotels have been carefully tested and selected by our teams. They are cosy hotels that respect the unique landscape of this island. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Bali
Picture of a hotel during the Vespa Trip in Bali
Papillon Echo Beach
Villa Sonia Bisma
Taman Padi
The Hamsa
Arton Beach Resort
Papillon Echo Beach





your own vespa

You will have your own Vespa for the entire duration of the trip . You can retrieve it the day of arrival at 17h and bring it back on the final day at noon. Helmets are included in the rent and the first tank of gas is as well! Assistance is also provided in case of failure, but all our Vespa are in a very good condition and of the latest generation.

Driver's licence

It's advised to have a international driver's license. However, no permit for a motorbike or scooter is obliged. You must be of legal age to drive the scooters, but juveniles can always tag along as passengers.


Never driven a Vespa before? Not a problem! We offer the option to arrive early in the day (preferably before noon) and take a Start-to-Vespa course (+50€ per Vespa). Our guide will explain you the tips and tricks of driving a Vespa and make a calm test drive the day before the trip actually starts.


Every morning you can choose to follow our guide or go exploring on your own. In this case, the address of the next hotel will be communicated and you can use your phone to guide you. In this case, you'll need an Indonesian sim card or you ask our team to provide you with one. The roads are in very good condition in Bali and it's almost impossible to get lost.


Breakfast is included every morning at the hotel. During the day you can find lots of Warung on your way. They offer you meals from €1.50 per person. In the evening, we'll recommend you some of the best restaurants on the island.

Luggage transportation

To make sure you don't look like a real Indonesian on your scooter, we'll transport your luggage every day to the next hotel. You can leave all your belongs to our team in the morning and find them delivered to your next hotel when you arrive there. It's recommended to bring a small backpack for the passenger to keep your valuables with you.


All hotels are mentioned on the specific pages of the destination. Usually we sleep in 3* or 4* hotels, with an occasional pool.
Yes, that's possible. However, there is a single driver supplement of €120 per person. If you sleep alone in the room, there's a supplement of €250.
That's up to you! Each morning you can choose to follow the guide or fo on your own adventure.
You can book a flight to the International Airport of Denpasar. There are a lot of flights going there in Summer so you'll definitely find a flight according to your wishes. If you want, we can arrange transfer from the airport to your first destination: Canggu.
The first day you can check in at the first hotel from 2PM. You will meet our team and receive the keys to your Vespa, your road book and some general information. You can already take your Vespa for a spin to get familiarised with the traffic in Bali.


You are automatically insured for all damages to third parties. You will be asked to block an amount on your credit card to insure any damage to your own Vespa. You will be able to choose between different insurance policies after your registration.


We recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance, it doesn't cost much and it can potentially save you a lot of money.

If you can no longer participate, but you can find a replacement, you must send all the necessary information no later than 7 days before the departure date so that we can change the reservation free of charge.

If you take out a cancellation insurance and you apply to the conditions, you will be reimbursed for your trip (with the exception of the cancellation insurance costs).

If you have not taken out a cancellation insurance and you wish to cancel your trip, you will receive a maximum of 50% of the total amount in case you let us know more than 4 weeks before your departure date, 25% if you contact us 2-4 weeks before your departure and 0% if you let us know less than 2 weeks before the departure date.

Travel Insurance

We also offer travel insurance that helps you in the event of an accident on the spot.

If you have never driven a Vespa we strongly recommend you to book a 'Start-to-Vespa' course. The first day, your guide will give you a practical explanation and you will be able to make a test ride. This will cost an additional €50 per person.
In the evening, nothing is obliged, but we'll recommend you some restaurants especially chosen for this trip. You can choose to join the group for dinner or find your own spot.
Six nights in different hotels, breakfast, the rental of your Vespa for 2, helmets, a road book, luggage transport and the full support of our Vespa Trip Team. Gasoline is not included (approx. €20).

Other questions, check our FAQ!



Papillon Echo Beach
Papillon Echo Beach
Papillon Echo Beach
Papillon Echo Beach
Papillon Echo Beach
Papillon Echo Beach


Due to the circumstances, The Vespa Trip Bali of 2020 was postponed to next year. Dates will open up around October/November 2020.

Do you want to secure your spot for next year? Preregister via the button below and you'll be the first to know our 2021 dates!
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