The Vespa Trip


The Weekend Trip in Florence will guide you through the world famous Chianti vineyard sceneries & cities in the surrounding area of Firenze. Tuscany is the home region of the Vespa and even The Vespa Trip and you will easily experience why.

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The first Vespa Trip in 2015 was organized in Tuscany and that happened for a reason. From the moment you leave town, you will be confronted with breathtaking sceneries and winding roads.

There is almost no boring road in this region and every city along the road is a gem. Some of them kept secret and some of them world famous.

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Picture of Tuscany
Picture of Tuscany
Picture of Tuscany
Picture of Tuscany

The Routes

You will receive a roadbook and GPS upon arrival at the hotel. You will find the most beautiful routes in that booklet. The exact routes will already be preloaded into your GPS and will take you along quite but exciting Italian paths.

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It's the journey, not the destination

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The Vespa Trip explained


Upon arrival at your hotel you will receive a GPS with the most beautiful Vespa Trip routes preloaded. All routes start & end at your hotel. You can follow these routes it at your own pace without a guide.


At departure, you’ll receive The Vespa Trip Roadbook, which will guide you through the Stages and mention some beautiful things to see & do along the road.


During the weekend trips, your luggage will of course stay in your hotel room.


Daily breakfast is included. We have daily recommended restaurants.

Driver's licence

You need a driver’s license for a normal car (B) or a motorcycle driver’s license (A). If you're a citizen of Europe, your national driver's license suffice. If not, you'll need to have an international driver's license.


Never driven a Vespa before? Not a problem, but to enjoy the Vespa Trip as much as possible, we advise you to practice an afternoon at friends' homes with a scooter. We offer the option to take a start-to-Vespa course (+ 50€ per Vespa) on arrival or the next day, first thing in the morning. Our guide will explain you the tips and tricks of driving a Vespa and make a calm test ride before the trip actually starts.


Yes, that's possible. There is a single drivers supplement of 120€ per person however.
During Weekend Trips, you drive at your own pace, there is no guide. If you prefer to drive in a group, look at our "Round Trips" & indicate that you want to drive in a group when you make your booking.
From the airport, you can choose to either take the bus or the train (arrangeable on forehand) or a taxi to your first hotel.
You can check in at the hotel from 15h on Friday afternoon; If you wish to arrive earlier, you can temporarily store your luggage at the reception. The check-out should be done on Tuesday before noon. You'll receive your Vespa at 8 in the morning on Saturday and you need to return it on Monday before 6pm.


You are automatically insured for 3rd party damage. After registering, you will be given the choice between no, standard (€49) and full insurance (€89). You can find all the information about the insurances here.


We advise everyone to take out a cancellation insurance when they register. It is not expensive, and you can save yourself a lot of money.

Have you found someone who is willing to take your place? Fantastic! Getting yourself replaced is completely free, you do not need a cancellation insurance. You can no longer participate, you cannot find a replacement, but luckily you chose to get an optional cancellation insurance when registering? Great, you get a reimbursement of your entire registration fee as long as you have got a valid reason.

You can no longer participate, but you did not choose to take an optional cancellation insurance, nor can you find anyone to replace you? That's a shame! You will however receive something as long as you cancel long enough in advance. - 50% of the travel price gets reimbursed in case of >= 4 weeks before departure - 25% of the travel price gets reimbursed in case of 2-4 weeks before departure - 0% of the travel price gets reimbursed in case of =< 2 weeks before departure

Travel insured

The insurance is often a small additional fee, but can save you a lot of bigger costs, which is why we advise our participants to take out the insurance. Of course you better check with your health service provider to find out whether you are already insured abroad).

We recommend the best Italian restaurants in the evening. You can choose to opt in and have dinner with the other Vespatrippers or pick your own place to have dinner. It's completely up to you.
4 nights in the hotel with breakfast, the vespa, helmets, a lock, the roadbook and the GPS with all preloaded Vespa Trip routes.


The hotel

The hotel where you'll spend 4 nights is the beautiful Villa Royal hotel in the center of Firenze. The rooms are really calm and the hotel even includes a pleasant swimming pool.

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Villa Royal

Available dates and rates

The Vespa Trip is only available in certain periods. You can find the possible dates below.

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