The Vespa Trip

The Amalfi Coast is world famous for providing some of the world's most breathtaking views. No better way to explore those views than on an authentic Italian scooter. During this route you will also cross a couple of beautiful natural parks and visit the Mount Vesuvius.

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The Amalfi Coast

The region around the Amalfi Coast is world renowned for the kilometers of breathtaking views you can experience while driving through. Extremely high cliffs, endless blue water and spectacularly windy roads. Besides this exhilirating scenery you also find the Mount Vesuvius and the historic city of Pompei in the same area. The country side is much less well known but you can find a beautuful well kept secret national park over there.

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Mount Vesuvio

The Amalfi Route

The Amalfi route leads you as quickly as possible away from the busy traffic in Naples. You will almost immediately recognize the amazing Mount Vesuvius while passing by the historical city of Pompeï. The legendary Amalfi route will start right after Pompeï until you reach Salerno. The route will lead you to an unspoiled and not so well known but very beautiful national park. Parco Regionale dei Monte Picentini. After spending a night in the authentic South Italian village of Avellino The Vespa Trip will head back to Naples.

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It's the journey, not the destination


The Week Schedule

Day 1

Naples 0 km

Arrival - picking your Vespa - discovery of the city

Palazzo Salgar ****

Day 2

Naples - Sorrento 72 km

Mount Vesuvius - Pompeï - Amalfi Coast part 1

Punta Campanella ****

Day 3

Sorrento - Salerno 89 km

Amalfi Coast part 2 - Amalfi Duomo - Villa Cimbrone

Hotel Salerno ***

Day 4

Salerno - Avellino 114 km

Castello di Arechi - Parco regionale dei Monte Picentini

Viva Hotel Avellino ****

Day 5

Avellino - Naples 79 km

Mount Vesusvius - Panoramic Route

Palazzo Salgar ****

Day 6

Naples 0 km

Breakfast at hotel - End of The Vespa Trip


Amalfi Hotels

A few photo's of our hotels

Palazzo Salgar Napoli
Punta Campanella Sorrento
Viva Avellino

Available dates and rates

You can book the Vespa Trip Amalfi Coast in july 2018. Arrival day in Naples is always on mondays. Tuesday is your first Vespa Day. The Vespa Trip ends on a saturday in Napoli. 5 hotel nights are included (mon-sat).

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It's the journey, not the destination


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