The Vespa Trip
Italy, SUMMER 2018

The Vespa Trip organizes guided and self-guided tours that’ll take you to the most famous Italian villages along breathtaking picturesque roads and sceneries on an original Vespa

Adventure on Italian Wheels...

Forget the stuffy busses, noisy bars and expensive rental cars! Nothing comes close to the freedom and sheer exhilaration of zipping through Italy on the back of a swanky Vespa with The Vespa Trip!

Smell the alluring aromas of sun-baked pine trees, vineyards and olive groves. Take in the sights and sounds before sitting down to a full lunch at a quaint family owned restaurant which nestles amongst the Florentine hills.

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You can choose between joining The Vespa Trip to discover an area for the day (from €75) or to join the trip for a full week (from €490, hotel included). If you choose to join the trip for a week, our staff will make sure to bring your luggage to the next location so you don't have to carry it. Mario, our guide will also be available if you want to ride with the group or if you have any question.


You can experience The Vespa Trip on 3 of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

Tuscany Route

May | June | July | August | Sept

The Vespa Trip in Tuscany will guide you through some of the most historical cities of Italy while passing the beautiful vineyards that make the region so famous.

Sicily Route

June | July | August

Sicily is without any doubt one of the most beautiful islands in the world thanks to its rich history, its magnificent beach, its inhabitants and the time that seems to stop there.

Amalfi coast Route

June | July | August

The Amalfi Coast is known for its breathtaking landscapes. From Sorrento to Salerno, it's one of the most beautiful coasts in Italy, probably in Europe and even in the world.

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