The Vespa Trip
Italy, SUMMER 2018

The Vespa Trip is a multiday adventure that’ll take you to the most famous Italian villages along breathtaking picturesque roads and sceneries on an original Vespa

Adventure on Italian Wheels...

Forget the stuffy busses, noisy bars and expensive rental cars! Nothing comes close to the freedom and sheer exhilaration of zipping through Italy on the back of a swanky Vespa with The Vespa Trip!

Smell the alluring aromas of sun-baked pine trees, vineyards and olive groves. Take in the sights and sounds before sitting down to a full lunch at a quaint family owned restaurant which nestles amongst the Florentine hills.

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You can experience The Vespa Trip on 3 of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

It's the journey, not the destination


In group or self-guided.

You can experience The Vespa all on your own with a gps and roadbook, or you can follow the Vespa Trip Guide and experience the trip together with the other Vespatrippers*. We can guarantee that either option you take, you will pass through the most beautiful Italian roads of the country. Also the luggage will be taken care of for everybody. (grouprider and solorider)

The Solo Adventurer

The group

*You don't have to choose this in advance, you can choose every day to follow the guide or go solo. Don't worry about your luggage, we'll bring it to your next hotel.

Our customers have an amazing time

The Vespa Trip explained


If you prefer to drive The Vespa Trip on your own pace without following our guide Mario, you can reserve a gps, that will be mounted on your Vespa. You can get your GPS when you receive your Vespa and it costs 30€


At departure, you’ll receive The Vespa Trip Roadbook, which will guide you through the Stages and mention some beautiful things to see & do along the road.


You can drop off your luggage in our Vespa Trip van each day. It will be delivered to your next hotel when you arrive.


Daily breakfast is included. We have daily recommended restaurants.

Driver's licence

You need a driver’s license for a normal car (B) or a motorcycle driver’s license (A)


Never driven a Vespa before? Not a problem! We offer the option to arrive early in the day (preferably before noon) and take a start-to-Vespa course. (+50€ per Vespa) which starts at 2PM. Our guide will explain you the tips and tricks of driving a Vespa and make a calm test ride the day before the trip actually starts.


What kind of hotels are we sleeping in?
All hotels are mentioned on the specific page of the destination. Usually we sleep in nice 3* and 4* hotels with an occasional pool.
Can I drive the Vespa solo?
Yes, that's possible. There is a single drivers supplement of 120€ per person however.
Can we drive on our own?
Of course! With our roadbook and GPS you should be able to drive the journey independently. However you can also opt to follow our front Vespa driver who knows the entire area as his backpocket.
How do I get in Italy?
There are multiple carriers who have a regular flight schedule to our destinations.
When and where does it start?
You will be welcome on day 1 in the hotel from 10 AM till midnight where somebody from the Vespa Trip will hand you the roadbook. You will have the time to relax, discover the city and pick your Vespa. The driving will start on day 2.
What about the insurance?


You are automatically insured for 3rd party damage. You will be asked to block a fee on your credit card upon arrival as an insurance against damage on your own Vespa.


We advise everyone to take out a cancellation insurance when they register. It is not expensive, and you can save yourself a lot of money.

Have you found someone who is willing to take your place? Fantastic! Getting yourself replaced is completely free, you do not need a cancellation insurance. You can no longer participate, you cannot find a replacement, but luckily you chose to get an optional cancellation insurance when registering? Great, you get a reimbursement of your entire registration fee as long as you have got a valid reason.

You can no longer participate, but you did not choose to take an optional cancellation insurance, nor can you find anyone to replace you? That's a shame! You will however receive something as long as you cancel long enough in advance. - 50% of the travel price gets reimbursed in case of >= 4 weeks before departure - 25% of the travel price gets reimbursed in case of 2-4 weeks before departure - 0% of the travel price gets reimbursed in case of =< 2 weeks before departure

Travel insured

The insurance is often a small additional fee, but can save you a lot of bigger costs, which is why we advise our participants to take out the insurance. Of course you better check with your health service provider to find out whether you are already insured abroad).

Start to Vespa?
If you have never driven a Vespa we recommend you to arrive early on Day 1 where a Vespa course will start. The guide will give you a practical explanation and you will be able to make a test ride. This will cost 50€ extra.
What about dinner?
We recommend the best Italian restaurants in the evening. You can choose to opt in and have dinner with the other Vespatrippers or pick your own place to have dinner. It's completely up to you.
Wat is included in the price ?
Included in the price are the hotel nights with breakfast, the Vespa with helmet, the guide and the roadbook.

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