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The Vespa Trip organizes guided and self-guided tours that’ll take you to the most famous Italian villages along breathtaking picturesque roads and sceneries on an original Vespa

About us

If you're dreaming of discovering Sicily, Amalfi or Tuscany in a slightly adventurous way, The Vespa trip is the perfect way to enjoy the landscapes, historical villages and the local cuisine.

In 2015, Travelbase organized the first Vespa Trip in Tuscany. Since then, thousands of Vespa Trippers of more than 50 different countries have joined the adventure, on their own or following the guide. You can read all about their experience in our Vespa Trippers Facebook Group.

picture of The Vespa Trip
picture of The Vespa Trip
picture of The Vespa Trip
picture of The Vespa Trip
picture of The Vespa Trip

Self guided or follow the group

Solo Travellers

The solo tripper

Equipped with GPS in one hand and the road book in the other, you can discover the whole region on your own. The routes guide you along the most beautiful roads through the most idyllic landscapes and make you stop in the most charming villages.

Group Travellers

The group

You can choose to follow our guide and ride together with the other Vespa Trippers along the winding mountain paths or the vast coastal tracks. Can you imagine the faces of the locals as we pass their villages while honking our horns?

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They had the experience of a lifetime

Over a hundred Vespa Trippers are eager to share their experience with you. Join our Vespa Trippers Community to read all about it.


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